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Hawaiian Islands Indica Karats Black Diamond Pre-Heat Disposable 6G


Hawaiian Islands, an Indica strain, is sweet and fruity with hints of berries and citrus. A creative experience, a few puffs will have you feeling mellow, yet focused. If you want to inspired with something sweet and dank, this is the strain for you!


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The 6g Black Diamond line from Karats will give you the ultimate experience. Carefully blended with Liquid Diamonds, HHC, and THCP to provide the strongest effects for even the most seasoned partakers.  Whether it’s a smooth sweet Indica, a fruity Sativa, or a creamy Hybrid you won’t be disappointed.


Hawaiian Islands Indica, OG Kusheez Indica, Mango Deck Sativa, Watermelon Rizz Sativa, White Wedding Hybrid


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